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Lizard Labs increase production

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One of the top research chemical suppliers is Lizard Labs. A serious player when it comes to high purity research chemicals such as 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, Clonazolam, Etizolam, 5-MEO-DMT to mention a few. Their official website is In 2020 they actually expanded operations to USA aswell as Europe. Something many chem enthusiasts welcome.

What is 1P-LSD?

Simply put it’s a novel substance that replicates the forbidden LSD however it is completely legal. Lizard Labs also stock 1cP-LSD which is a newer research analogue. Mostly sold in blotter form they are currently being researched for enhancing ones experience. Another very popular research chemical are Diclazepam pellets

RESEARCH TRAVEL Cardiff Executive Travel

So what is Diclazepam then?

Simply put it’s a chemical compound that is being researched for it’s sedating and relaxing properties in the world of medicine. A  benzodiazepine chemical, It has striking similarities to diazepam. Some say the effects are quite stronger than diazepam, something worth noting if you it’s your first time researching these chemicals.